Camp Policies, Approved Pickups, and Emergency Information

We’re so excited to have you at camp this year! We’re going to MAKE some amazing projects, but first need some general information

Parents, the safety and security of your daughter or son is our top priority. We don’t expect anything bad to happen, but better safe than sorry. Looking forward to meeting you in person, and as always, feel free to contact us at , or at 210-570-5766, with any concerns.



    Which camp(s) are you registered for?

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    Emergency Contacts


    Approved Pickups (18 years or older please)

    Please list any additional approved chaperones, and their phone numbers. You may also list anyone who is NOT approved to pickup your son or daughter.


    Anything we didn't cover?

    Is there anything sensitive or particular about your child, or family situation, that we should know?


    Read the "Policies and General Release" document online: In typing my full name below, I am electronically certifying that I have read, and agree to, the terms of the "Policies and General Release" document.