Creek Lines is a stainless steel sculpture located at the San Pedro Creek Culture Park’s Plaza de Fundación. 30 stainless pipes, bent in the shape of San Pedro Creek’s course, undulate upward to meet a reflective canopy. The canopy is an abstraction of the San Pedro Creek Watershed, which funnels water to the sculpture’s creek shaped void during rain events.

At the center of San Antonio’s history, San Pedro Creek has literally shaped the city. It has guided the movement of its inhabitants for over 300 years, forming a complex weave of migratory, urban, and ecological pathways. We want visitors to the San Pedro Creek Culture Park to consider the importance of this line, and its relationship to San Antonio’s rich cultural legacy.

Project Management
Documentation: Conceptual Renderings, Construction and Completion Photography

Creek Lines includes an educational program developed for the San Antonio River Authority’s education division. While postponed during the global Corona Virus pandemic, the curriculum includes inter-disciplinary content in art, science, history, and culture.

For use in your classroom, please contact us directly.