Lightbox is a space to see, observe and reflect. A representation of north San Antonio’s landscape and fauna, layers of perforated steel stack to form a topographic elevation map. On close inspection, the map’s hill shapes are revealed as abstract native animals. When inside the structure, the overlapping steel panels modulate light. Higher topographic elevations appear darker than lower elevation regions as light flows in through progressively smaller openings. Looking through the wall’s perforations yields views of an open meadow, home to the species represented on the map.

The Robert L.B. Tobin Land Bridge is the largest wildlife crossing in the United States. Passing over Wurzbach Parkway, a 4 lane Highway, the bridge provides safe crossing for wildlife and humans traveling between Hardberger Park’s East and West sides. A living classroom and community space, the Bridge is a model for habitat connectivity and sustainable development.

Artwork Design: Cade Bradshaw
Landscape Architects: Stimson Studio and Rialto Studio
Engineering: Datum Engineers and Arup
Fabrication: Kuest Corp.
Installation: SPAWGlass, and Quality Welding & Fabrication

Design: Building Envelope Cade Bradshaw
Fabrication: Mockups, Pre-weathering of Steel
Documentation: Proposal Animation, Finished Photography

Collection of the City of San Antonio: Commissioned by the Department of Arts and Culture, Public Art San Antonio Public Art San Antonio
Phil Hardberger Park Conservancy