Fabricated with bond paper, wire, LED tape light and lots of staples, Paper Cloud is a collaborative endeavor, constructed by more than 80 individuals. Building on the strength found in numbers, the group’s collective effort yields a result that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Designed for AIA San Antonio’s 2017 Beaux Arts Ball, participants attended cloud building sessions hosted at Lake | Flato architects. Here, each person was given a lesson on the subtleties of cloud construction, LED wiring, and expressive stapling. A fun afternoon with snacks and drinks, each event brought together practicing architects, designers, civic employees, and students from the central Texas region.

Italia Aguilera
Aidan Allen-Lyons
Vincent Allen-Lyons
Robert Amerman
Larsen Andrews
Katia Barrios
Drew Benson
Ryan Bigley
Ashley Bird
Rebecca Bruce Comeaux
Stella Bustos
Gilbert Candia
Carmen Castillo
Jared Chase
Giselle Chavez
Serena Ching
Molly Cox
British Dominguez
Ariane Etemadi
Alec Ferguson
Georgina Fernandez
Helen Fiegenschue
Tenna Florian
Caleb Ganzalez
Marlen Ganzalez
Maria Garza
Nidia Guerrero
Jesus Guerrero
Tom Hays
Jassmin Hernandez
Carly Hernandez
Jordan High
Pam Kane
Mary Kate Hull
Daniel Lazarine
Elizabeth Lehmann
Donovan Linsey
Andrea Lopez
Jorge Lucio
Veronice Maria Fishback
Benito Martinez
Katherine McGuyre
Eleanor Mendez
Matt Morris
Casey Nelson
Lesley Nunez
Amber Perry
Fernanda Pineda
Alexandra Pineda
Adam Reed
Crista Reed
Zayra Rico
Blagica Ristovska
Arlene Rodriguez
Jonathan Romero
Veronica Romero
Daniela Sanchez Reyes
Frana Schrock
Aysia Segura
Molly Shirley
Hannah Soenksen
Fay Stables
Aaron Stone
Aldo Trejo
Harry Wallace
Jeffrey Watson
Kelly Weckman
Leslie White
Vicki Yuan
Deliasofia Zacarias

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