Paper Sky is a variable sized installation constructed with humble materials – bond paper, wire and staples (lots and lots of staples). Participants fold, staple and arrange paper modules to create a false ceiling which is lit from above. The completed installation is surprisingly transformative, casts beautiful diffuse light, and is fun to make!

Intrigued, but not sure what that means for you or your team? Watch this video to explain or contact us.

We facilitate large-scale art installations for all ages and skill levels. Participants build components of a larger artwork, which is installed at your office, home, or gallery. These are great conversation starters for clients, guests, and patrons. Made by you, the projects build communication, trust and unity between contributors while enhancing your environment.

Prices are variable based on materials, time, and group size. Contact us to discuss your project and team.

*minimum $400 per event

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