photoFOCUS camp mixes the best of scientific and artistic experimentation. Kids enthralled by photography, excited by invention, and eager to MAKE – love this week long camp. Hosted at Hemisfair, and programmed by Bridge Projects, students spend the week exploring the park with cameras in hand.

Campers engage with photography by creating their own thematically cohesive portfolio, receiving immediate feedback on their work, using professional grade tools. Every student leaves camp with three printed photographs, a photograph turned into a kite, and the confidence to start new projects on their own. photoFOCUS camp goes beyond ready-made projects, giving kids an opportunity to develop their own voice in a fun and enriching environment.

Personal Portfolio (3 thematically related images)
Light Painting
Portraiture and Portrait Lighting
Light and Reflection with Mirrors
Photographic Kites
Timelapse Videos
Storyboarding and Composition planning
Image Editing
Riverwalk Photography Contest
Photographic Scavenger hunt
Closing Exhibition

-Ages 10-14

-Dropoff from 8-8:30am, pickup from 3:10 – 3:30pm

-Campers pack their own lunch and snacks.

-A portion of the proceeds benefit Hemisfair!

-Kids may bring their own camera (or even an iPhone), but it is not required.