PLAY is a series of public art installations in Yanaguana Garden at Hemisfair Park. A team of six artists was assembled by lead artist Stuart Allen to develop a collection of related, site responsive artworks throughout the park. Comprised entirely of local artists, the group brought a wealth of knowledge about San Antonio culture and history that is reflected in the sensitivity and relevance of the resulting projects.

After multiple site visits and meetings off-site, a common thread emerged within the group that centered on the idea of play. Of course ‘play’ is a multifaceted term and the artists considered the word from many perspectives: from the idea of imaginative children’s play, to a dramatic production, to the notion of playing with time. And while children are a primary audience, the installations that make up PLAY possess a depth of meaning that appeals to a wide age range.

Design: Kite Table & Reflect
Project Management: Artist Selection, Presentation and Approvals, Fabrication and Installation assistance
Fabrication: Kite Table etchings, Reflect Installation of Steel Ribbons
Documentation: Construction and Completion Photography, PLAY Website

Alex Rubio: Yanaguana
Karen Mahaffy: PLAYhouse
Jennifer Khoshbin: Sideshow
Joey Faurso: Sky Camp
Justin Boyd: Why Do Birds Sound Like Car Alarms Now?
Stuart Allen: Kite Table & Reflect

As part of Yanaguana Garden’s unveiling, a series of activities for children and families were planned and executed. Each artist prepared an activity to further explore their artwork’s theme. In relation to the Kite Table, and Reflect artworks, Bridge conducted a series of kite-making events, and a light and photography focused summer camp.